Sunday, April 25, 2010


"When I started snowboarding, pretty much nobody was doing it where I was from. My friends and I just got a couple of crappy board together and tried to figure it out for ourselves," says Joshua Kodis. Kodis, 28, of Mt. Pleasant started off a skier in Alaska but has been snowboarding now for 15 years.
In love with the outdoors, Kodis is always trying new things.

"Here we go Norah!" Joshua Kodis tells his two year-old daughter, Norah, as he helps her skimboard across a puddle outside their Mt. Pleasant apartment. Kodis decided to bring skimboard fun to his backyard after a giant snow hill melted. Norah likes to watch what and try what her dad does, and Kodis hopes she will take on after him.

"I really wanted a kayak and it was on sale, so I had to get it," Kodis says as he carries it on his back toward the Deerfield Park river. Kodis's wife, Patty, and daughter, Norah, hike and play along the trail before meeting him back at their Jeep.

"I just bought this bike a year ago, but I've been riding motorcycles for 9 years," Kodis says while taking a sunny afternoon cruise. His first bike was a Honda CBR 600, his second a Yamaha TW 200, and now he enjoys his Harley Davidson.

Joshua Kodis practices doing kickflips and ollies on a longboard just outside of Mt. Pleasant. Having started off as skateboarder, Kodis is a skilled longboarder, able to not only carve hills but incorporate tricks easier done on a shorter board. After recently purchasing a new skateboard, Kodis looks forward to testing it out at skateparks.

"I've been going boarding just about every weekend this year. It's a pretty big part of my life, and a lot of what I do revolves around it," Kodis says. As a rider of around seven resorts in Michigan and more out West, Kodis says boarding's appeal for him is "just getting away from everything."

Joshua Kodis walks back from a Caberfae Peaks helicopter after shooting aerial photos of the resort. Kodis has been shooting since he was 14, and started his own company, Venture Pictures, four years ago. Kodis has geared its focus toward capturing adventure and nature photography all over the U.S.

For the Love of Adventure: Joshua Kodis from Rebecca Crawford on Vimeo.

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