Sunday, March 21, 2010

JRN 521 Working With Layers

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, and started noticing how just one extra bit of information (whether an item, person, or background) can tell the story better. I shot one of my final subjects as he made a day of skimboarding. I tried to include key bit of information beyond him and the board, such as the apartments to show that it wasn't a lake or pond, and his daughter's interest and disinterest in what he was doing.

Rebecca Crawford, Layers, Shutter 400, Aperture 6.3, and ISO 100.

Joshua Kodis, 28, lets out a tired sigh and a few censored remarks as he attempts to do a running jump onto his skimboard. As someone who loves to be doing adventurous things, Kodis finds ways to practice his hobbies wherever he is at and encourages his 2 year-old daughter Norah to try. The pair spent most of Tuesday evening outside their Mt. Pleasant apartment, deciding to only go in when it became too cold.

Rebecca Crawford, Layers, Shutter 320, Aperture 6.3, and ISO 100.

"Here we go Norah!" Joshua Kodis tells his two year-old daughter, Norah, as he helps her skimboard across a puddle outside their Mt. Pleasant apartment. Kodis, who is always doing adventurous sports and trying new things, decided to bring his skimboard fun to his backyard after a giant snow hill melted. Kodis and his daughter spent the afternoon boarding until it became too cold.

Copy Block:

Extreme sports and adventurous past-times are hobbies for some, but for Joshua Kodis they are a way of life. Kodis, 28, snowboards, rockclimbs, surfs, skimboards, rides motorcycles, and is up for just about anything. With the recent purchase of a skimboard, Kodis admits he is still new to it but is learning quickly and tries to practice with it as much as possible. Living in Mt. Pleasant, without a lake or sandy pond, Kodis decided to improvise as he normally does, by modifying his activity to fit where he is at.
“There was all the snow but it created this big pond when it melted, and so I’ve been skimboarding. Norah and all the kids in the complex were going crazy wanting to try,” Kodis said. As the apartment supervisor of the complex, Kodis has made friends with all the kids living there and his love for adventure and sports is proving to be contagious. The kids are always interested in what he is doing, and even Kodis’ two year-old daughter, Norah, wanted to give skimboarding a try.
“The other day Norah wanted to, but today she isn’t so sure. She’ll probably change her mind in a little bit,” Kodis said. His daughter usually wants to do what he does, and Kodis is working on teaching her how to skimboard and eventually snowboard when she is older.
Kodis spent the afternoon skimming across the puddle, watching the other kids, and convincing his daughter to give it one more try. He says her willingness and choice depends on if he or any of the other kids fall, or if they make it looks easy. The two decided to go back inside only after the sun began to set and it became too cold out to enjoy any longer.

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