Tuesday, December 8, 2009

JRN 420 Additional Portrait

I had planned to shoot a studio portrait, but I ended up shooting one on location.
I have always loved horses, but I have come to realize that animals are picky about who they like and listen to- and Dani's horse, Lite, is no exception. Although a show horse and well trained...he only takes orders from her.
I tried to capture a sense of the bond they share.


Rebecca Crawford, Portrait, F 5, Shutter 1/200, ISO 1100.
Dani Crawford has been riding horses since she was 10, and now that she is married and pursuing her new marketing career, she finds that riding is even more relaxing. Her stallion, Lite, has a mind of his own but follows Dani's directions and has come to form a special bond with her.

I shot this white a strobe fired into an umbrella to the left and a strobe bounced off a reflector slightly right on low power.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

JRN 420 Fashion: For Final Portfolio



Rebecca Crawford, Fashion Portfolio Image, F 3.5, Shutter 1/25, and ISO 100.
Arabian horseback rider, Danielle Jones, of Custer, and Morgan rider, Leslie Paxton of Ludington show that farm girls can have a classy look and sexy style. Jones and Paxton say that just because they can haul hay and get dirty that doesn't mean that they can't be fashionable outside of the stables.

I shot this with a strobe bounced into a large silver lined umbrella off to the right up above the tractor and a gold large reflector to the left, just a bit in front of both models to help fill shadows.