Sunday, February 28, 2010

JRN 521 Capturing Moments Assignment #2

For this assignment I wanted to practice my shooting both outdoors in bright light and snowy conditions and indoor fluorescent/dim lighting.I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I decided to shoot a snow shoe/cross country ski competition and a high school hockey game at the arena. Here is a favorite:

Moment of Concern:

Rebecca Crawford, Moment, Aperture 5.6, Shutter 80, and ISO 640.

Manistee Chippewa defense player Charlie Foley, of Ludington, gasps as his teammate Matt Rutkowski gets audibly slammed into the glass. Foley has been playing hockey on the team since freshman year, and now as a junior is a key asset to the team.
Despite Foley's efforts, his undermanned team lost to the visiting North Conference Cadillac Vikings 4-1.

Copy Block:

Charlie Foley has been playing hockey for years and is a key defense player for the Manistee Chippewa varsity team. Foley’s team is fairly independent, without a top division or conference spot, is composed of players from a handful of others schools within Mason County, and is undermanned by over half a dozen players. During a normal game Foley usually plays for all three periods, with the majority of his time in the first two, in order to keep the game stable. Pressure was riding high with the last game of the season at home versus the North Conference Cadillac Vikings. A win would possibly keep the Vikings from entering the playoffs next week.
In the first two periods, the Chippewas held their ground and scored a goal, playing good defense, with Foley making key plays. Then the Vikings struck back with hard checks into the boards and glass, and three goals. The Chippewa's head coach Jon Raatz began yelling, moving his players in and out quickly each time he felt they made an error. Foley was brought to the bench a few times but after talking with Raatz, the issue was minor and Foley took the ice again shortly to aide his team’s comeback.
The Chippewa’s fans cheered and set a high momentum for the last period, but the Chippewas did not recover and lost to Cadillac 4-1. Although Foley and the rest of his teammates were highly disappointed, after coach Raatz described their mistakes, he congratulated them on the game overall. Now the Cadillac Vikings will continue on to the D3 playoffs were they will challenge the winner of the Mt. Pleasant vs. Big Rapids game on Wednesday night at FSU. The Manistee Chippewas will return next fall, with Foley in a senior position to once again lead his team.

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